Where To Stay In Banff

It is one of the best exciting places and is the Canada’s first national park  famous for its beautiful and majestic mountains, colorful lakes, and unmissable outdoor adventures. If you look at Banff’s beauty, you will find many surrounding lakes and natural beauty throughout Banff, making it unique. Because of the surreal beauty of the landscape, it has been Canada’s first national park and is the world’s third National Park refuge. It has also been a part of the Canadian rocky mountain park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The perfect tourist place is visited by people every year, and more than 4 million people from all over the world visit the National Park. It makes the whole place perfect and attractive to tourists. Because of the fascinating areas, natural surroundings, forest, and many beautiful places, it is an excellent site to visit.

During the time of Summer, many unique outdoor activities can also be enjoyed, including biking and hiking. So it is awarded as a  unique place that offers many stunning views of the glaciers, mountains, alpine meadows, blue-green lakes, and the snow Capped peaks.

It is Canada’s most popular tourist destination, and if you are looking for places where you can enjoy your traveling, then we have covered almost every attractive area in Banff. So you can follow these places and get many options for where to stay in Banff. Let us immerse ourselves in the beautiful top attractive places and enjoy the irresistible beauty of the landscape.

Where To Stay In Banff List:

  1. Sulphur Mountain Area
  2. Lake Louise Area
  3. Moraine Lake
  4. The Town Of The Banff
  5. The Downtown Banff Outskirts
  6. Tunnel Mountain.
  7. Canmore
  8. Calgary
  9. The Juniper Hotel
  10. Sunshine Mountain Lodge

So let us explore Where To Stay In Banff and look at those places worth considering as the top attractions.

1.Sulphur Mountain Area

If you look at the sulphur mountain area of Banff, you will find many attractive and steep roads worth traveling. It is considered one of the fantastic places to enjoy your vacation and is near the downtown banff, across the bow river bridge. You will encounter many serene roads along your trip to the sulphur mountain area. The sulphur mountain consists of a Banff hot spring and a Banff gondola. These are the two most famous attractions and the top things to enjoy. There are many great options if you want to explore the exciting town of Banff thoroughly. You can enjoy this place with its environment and look at the amazingness of nature. You can find many top-notch hotels and resorts as well. The Rimrock Resort is one of the famous resorts.

You will get plenty of options and a luxurious feel while staying at the resorts. It includes fantastic views, a big lobby, and beautiful interior decor. It makes the hotel the most unique and attractive to stay with your family and friends.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  •  Banff National Park 
  •  Lake Louise  
  •  Moraine Lake  
  •  Bow Lake  
  •  Emerald Lake  
  •  Fairview Lookout  
  •  Bow Glacier Falls Trail 
  •  Lake Louise Ski Resort  
  •  Lake Herbert  

2.Lake Louise Area

This area is one of the iconic places to be visited in Banff, and if you look at the beauty of this place, you will find many attractive natural surroundings The bright colors of the lake make it unique. The beautiful blue color of the lake is fantastic, and it is  40 minutes away from the town of Banff. You can enjoy the whole ride with your family and look at the tremendous view of the lake, which is super beautiful.

This place is ideal for tourists to enjoy their vacation and it offers plenty of options to stay at the perfect hotels. There are some top hotels in the area where you can choose to stay in Banff. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a top hotel where you can book a stay in the lake Louise area. Also, the bungalows and the paradise lodge are the hotels that you can choose for your visit and are much more affordable.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Admire Lake Louise & Walk the Lakeshore Trail. 
  • Visit Moraine Lake.
  • Ski or Board at Lake Louise Ski Resort.
  • Canoe Lake Louise.
  • Hike to Lake Agnes & the Lake Agnes Tea House.

3.Moraine Lake

To better enjoy the famous lake and the majestic, awe-inspiring place, you must consider visiting this place. It is a glacially fed lake found in Banff of the national park and is 14 km away from the Hamlet of lake Louise.

It has an elevation of around 1884 m and a surface area of about 50 hectares. The brilliant blue color water is quite refracting and makes it unique because of its appearance on the backside of the Canadian dollar bill. It is in the mountains, and you can opt for many ways to experience and enjoy moraine lake.

The jagged mountains and the perfect wild backdrop of the beautiful blue lake are entirely gorgeous to enjoy. It is overall a beautiful blue lake and is a lovely Natural wonder.You can also choose to stay at moraine lake lodge and book your room in advance.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Lake Louise Ski Resort
  • Fairmont Château Lake Louise
  • Takakkaw Falls
  • Sentinel Pass
  • Mount Temple
  • Valley of the Ten Peaks

4.The Town Of The Banff

It is worth considering the site as it is the actual town of Banff. It is in the west of Calgary and is about 125.8 km from Calgary. It is a resort town and one of Canada’s famous tourist attractions. Also, It is known for its hot springs and many beautiful mountaineering surroundings, making the complete view amazing and unique. The destination will encounter many features and activities, including outdoor sports, skiing, scrambling,biking, and hiking.

It is a worth visiting site that is incredible compared to outside of the Town center. You will find many attractions, including tunnel mountain, bow falls, vermilion lake, a cave, a historical basin site, and many places.

You can enjoy a complete sense of adventure and excitement with a fascinating Canadian spirit that makes you feel different.Formed in 1885, The national park of Banff became one the top places in Canada after discovering the natural hot springs in sulphur mountain.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Banff Gondola
  • Cascade of Time Garden
  • Banff Upper Hot Springs
  • Bow Falls
  • Banff Avenue

5.The Downtown Banff Outskirts

If you want to enjoy the outskirts of the town, then it is one of the best places to stay in Banff on Banff  Avenue.

It is an entirely walkable option to enjoy and is something notable and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.It is a small, dense downtown area, and you can enjoy plenty of amenities. If you head towards Banff Avenue and the fantastic bear Street, you will avoid the selection of stores and many unique fashionable Canadian crafts and souvenirs.

From the lovely shopping towns and camping locations, you will also find many hotels and perfect restaurants open to enjoy different cuisines.You can also go for exploring the broader collection of art galleries and museums when you start walking through the walking tours of Banff.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Cascade of Time Garden
  • Bow Falls Viewpoint
  • Banff Pedestrian Bridge
  • Cave and Basin National Historic Site

6.Tunnel Mountain.

It is one of the popular hiking places during the summer and winter. It is known for its soothing environment and the small Mountain that is near the town of Banff.

It is in the bow river valley in the national park of Banff. The town of Banff entirely encircles it.You can enjoy a short and sweet hiking trail leading to the fantastic view from the top of the town mountain.The hiking starts from the tunnel mountain road, which leads to the town and Mountain, and the climbing is easy for the hikers.

You will get plenty of options to enjoy at this place and a few accommodation options in tunnel mountain. You can go to the golf courses, and the Mountain biking experience is through the trials in Banff.You can opt to stay at many different places, and it’s possible to walk in the few resorts community.The popular resorts in tunnel mountain include the tunnel mountain Resort, the hidden ridge resort, the buffalo mountain lodge & the Douglas fir Resort. You will get basic amenities and luxurious accommodation options for those who want to enjoy staying at this place at affordable rates. These are family-friendly hotels and resorts perfect for visiting groups and families.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Fairmont Banff Springs
  • Cave and Basin National Historic Site
  • Vermilion Lakes
  • Sunshine Village


A perfect tourist place that is perfect to opt for your next destination. It is situated in the south of Banff and is beautiful. It is a gateway to the ban of the National Park and the Canadian Rocky mountains. Additionally, You can enjoy many other activities, including outdoor sports and day-long hiking with your family and friends. You can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and hiking in this area. If you want to hide from the three sisters or even the ha ling peek, then it is ideal for experiencing it.

Active travelers and nature hours can find this place unique, covered with snow, lakes, and many spectacular waterfalls.You can also enjoy the luxurious facilities of the hotels nearby, including the holiday inn Canmore, Falcon crest lodge by CLIQUE, & the lamphouse hotel.

These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the interior urban feel and are looking for decent options while going through the adventure travel journey.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Canmore Nordic Centre
  • Policeman Creek Trail
  • Grassi Lakes
  • Canmore Cave Tours
  • Quarry Lake Park
  • Ha Ling Peak
  • Art Country Canada Canmore Gallery


One of the most famous places and unique traveling destinations is the biggest city in Alberta.While heading to Banff National Park, you can enjoy many outdoor activities and sports, including hiking, biking, skiing, and scrambling.The distance from Calgary to Banff is approximately 127 km. It has a stunning traveling route, so you should consider taking the highway.

Travelers can enjoy many trips, including the Calgary tower, the Banff National park, and the vistas. It is a perfect romantic date destination as well in Canada.The famous Prince Island Park is one of the fantastic places to be enjoyed that features many natural surroundings and incredible views of the shady spots, and plenty of picnicking areas.Those who want to enjoy the beauty of the banner should consider visiting Calgary to venture into the wilderness and the great deals.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Heritage Park
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Calgary Tower
  • Prince’s Island Park
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park

9.The Juniper Hotel 

If you want to enjoy the best boutique hotel, you must consider staying in a hotel outside of Banff town, which is surrounded by mountains.The facilities will tempt you, and it is in the heart of Banff.

You will find many amazing sweeping views of the valley, including the hotel’s hospitality, the natural surroundings, and many experiences. They are many comfortable guest rooms and standing locations that provide the whole scene of the landscape. Suppose you consider spending time with your partner and want to experience the cozy Woodland cabins. It would help if you also visited the elevated king suite, perfect for your romantic getaway with your partner.

You will stay in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and experience a relaxed traveling experience in this hotel. Many features make the whole Boutique Hotel a perfect one to keep in. It has many locations surrounded by Adventures of the wild, many natural attractions dining, shopping, and nightlife activities. You will find many amenities, including a perfect Alpine chic design and a welcoming vibe for the guest. You will also find different cuisines and excellent signature restaurants to draw your attention. It is one of the favorite local Mountain retreats where you can also enjoy the onsite gourmet restaurant. The all-embracing views of the Rocky Mountains and natural surroundings are perfect for enjoying the exclusive lounge.

 The center of Banff is 8 minutes away from this hotel, and the Banff hot springs and Banff ski club are within the 10-kilometer space.You can also enjoy many such famous activities, including the Golf Course, which is within 3 km of the hotel. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, canoeing, and visiting ski pass vendors.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Banff Norquay Summer Sightseeing and Via Ferrata
  • Tunnel Mountain Trail
  • Two Jack Lake
  • Sulphur Mountain

10.Sunshine Mountain Lodge

It is one of the Slopeside Mountain lodges where you can enjoy the winter Wonderland and many adventurous activities. It is one of the famous lodges in Banff with the incredible peaks of the Banff National Park. It is a unique Canadian Boutique Hotel favorite for providing you with many adventurous activities both in summer and winter. 

You can check out many affordable room ranges to enjoy your cozy, cheap suit for the family. The rooms of the sunshine mountain lodge decorate with a rustic mountain theme and a luxurious touch. The ranges of rooms include:

  • The west wing Loft rooms.
  • West wing premier rooms.
  • Main lodge suites.
  • Deluxe balcony rooms.
  • Deluxe waterfall rooms.

The extraordinary comfort and convenience you will experience in the Canadian Rockies are exceptional. It is one of the top sites located 7200 feet in the oldest and most famous National Park of Canada, which is the National Park. You can experience the only ski-in, ski-out, and accommodations in Alberta. The professional staff provides all the care and the necessary details to cover your staying criteria. You can relax in the hot pool, go for famous dining options, and even enjoy the spa. The whole nature of the village provides complete tranquility and activities that offer you coziness.

It is one of the splendid Resort hotels famous among visitors and is at the top of a mountain. You can enjoy the lodge’s gondola ride and the famous chair lift ride to the perfect hiking trail. During the rides, you can also get the opportunity to view the gorgeous lakes and the vistas. The whole experience is truly incredible, and you can enjoy the mountains in a location that makes it very unique. The waterfall viewing rooms provide the best natural surroundings and to spend time with nature.

Neighbourhood Attractions

  • Sunshine meadows
  • Sulphur mountain
  • Bow falls
  • Bow valley parkway
  • Meadow spa and pools
  • Banff visitor centre
  • Cascade gardens
  • Banff avenue


So after looking at the list of where to can stay in banff and the perfect hotel’s Resorts places where you can enjoy traveling and connect with nature. These are the ideal places to get exposed to many new things and enjoy creativity. You will find a perfect way of experiencing the new connections and natural perspective. Traveling to Banff is a fantastic experience to discover many new things, and there is nothing better than sharing something different in a new place. You will get to step outside nature, explore how people do things differently, and get accustomed to new possibilities. You can travel to enjoy the relaxation of the new culture, nature, and ethnic cuisine with incredible landscapes that are pretty different from their everyday surroundings. 

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