Best Places to Visit in Moldova

Topic: Best Places to Visit in Moldova: Moldova is a landlocked country in Europe that is surrounded by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east. Because of its role in history, Moldova must be understood and appreciated.

This nation maintains its peaceful image despite not having joined the westernized rat race. Because they were one up to World War II, it also has a lot of shared phenomena with Romania. It was a part of the Soviet Union until 1991, thus it also has connections to that.

Due to its remote location and relative lack of tourism, Moldova is the ideal vacation spot for anyone looking for some real adventure and tranquilly. However, Moldova offers a variety of tourist destinations that you must experience the feel of.

Even if Moldova is not a destination that many people include on their travel wish lists, it is time for Moldova to be acknowledged as a tourism destination so that more people can experience its unspoiled tranquilly. Moldova is an intriguing nation from a historical standpoint.

On the other side, it has several flora and wildlife reserves as well as some fantastic monasteries. It offers beautiful scenery and a diversity of landforms, including both rivers and valleys. It may be argued that Moldova is one of Europe’s top wine producers based on the volume of wine produced there. Let’s now discover some of the best 13 places to visit in Moldova.

13 Best places to visit in Moldova list:

  • Chisinau
  • Cricova Winery
  • Orheiul Vechi
  • Saharna
  • Manastirea Curchi
  • Gagauzia
  • Codru National Reservation
  • Taul Park and Pommer Manor
  • Soroca
  • Capriana Monastery
  • Kvint Factory
  • Tipova Monastery
  • Thanksgiving Candle

Here are Detailed Moldova’s Top 13 Gorgeous Locations.

1. Chisinau

This appears to be the largest city in Moldova and its capital. There are numerous casinos, spas, art galleries, restaurants, and nightclubs in this city where you may have a great time. You might find the Orange Pyramid at this World War II memorial fascinating.

The art market is another place where you may find some of Moldova’s finest works of art. You might also check out the Nativity Cathedral or Pushkin Park in addition to all the other locations you can see in the city.

2. Cricova Winery

Limestone was removed during the construction of Chisinau in the fifteenth century, and what was done underneath the hollow underground space later proved to be the second-largest underground winery in the world. Under 120 kilometres of intricately paved roads, a significant tunnel network was set up.

Just 30 minutes separate Chisinau from the Cricova Winery. 1.25 million wine bottles may be seen overall, including in the underground tasting rooms, warehouses, and guided tours. Since the great “wine city” has been developing lately, it is strongly advised that you carry a bottle or two home.

3. Orheiul Vechi

This archaeological complex, which dates back to around 2000 B.C. and overlooks the Raut River, is incredibly significant both historically and culturally. A museum has been constructed to educate tourists about the breadth of historical occurrences that the Old Orhei witnessed. . It also has breathtaking natural beauty. This open-air complex, which overlooks the Raut River, contains fortresses, baths, caverns, ruins, and monasteries, all of which date as recently as the Dacian tribes of 2000 years ago.

The Tatar and Mongol conquests from the first century BC and the Golden Horde occupation from the fourteenth century BC were two significant events that this great location. There are spectacular natural features across the area, including castles, caves, monasteries, baths, and ruins that date back as far as the Dacian tribe—exactly two thousand years.

4. Saharna

It’s always difficult to resist a spiritual haven lying in the laps of Mother Nature. Thus, you should not skip out on visiting the tiny settlement of Saharna, which has managed to maintain Holy Trinity Monastery. Saharna is a popular pilgrimage destination for many Moldovans since it is thought that the Virgin Mary’s footprints are imbedded on one of the rocks there.

The River Saharna divides into 22 tranquil waterfalls, with Gipsy Hole being the most well-known. For stunning views and utter tranquilly, take a hike around the Saharna dor. One of Moldova’s intriguing tourism destinations is Saharna.

5. Manastirea Curchi

The most magnificent monastery in Moldova, yet another one! The monastery’s past as a psychiatric institution during the Soviet era may come as a little shock to some. Five churches, a number of abbeys, monk cells, and a refectory make up this structure, which was built during the end of the nineteenth century. A tranquil stroll through the orchards would enhance your solitude when you have finished appreciating the Bessarabia Architectural Style.

6. Gagauzia

Given the history, this is among the most fascinating locations. The legacy and culture are similar to Turkey’s, despite the majority of residents in the three towns and 27 villages being Christians. When you learn that their forefathers were Muslim Refugees, it becomes even more astounding.

Only if they would convert were they allowed to take refuge here. The Comrat Regional History Museum, which is located here, exhibits local daily life to satisfy tourists’ curiosities.

7. Codru National Reservation

This oldest reserve in Moldova, which is located in the country’s center, is home to more than 1000 plant species that have received legal protection, 145 bird species, approximately fifty mammal species, and about six kinds of reptiles.

On the property of the reserve is a Natural History Museum. The majority of the reserve is made up of valleys and ravines, thus the vistas are breathtakingly magnificent.

8. Taul Park and Pommer Manor

In Taul Village, there is a location where you can see a forest, a magnificent park, and a manor house designed by Ivan Pommer, all of which are examples of Moldovan landscape architecture. 150 trees representing various geographic regions from diverse groupings have been planted here. Not to mention, it is Moldova’s biggest park.

9. Soroca

The city, which is nearer the Ukrainian border, has a stunning view of the Dniester River. The Soroca fortress, one of the top tourist destinations in Moldova, is a magnificent example of medieval-style construction and is well worth visiting.

Soroca, known as “the Roma Capital of Moldova,” proudly displays the magnificence of Moldova on its walls. When compared to other cities in Moldova, this one is renowned for having substantially superior living standards. This means that Soroca is the only place in Moldova that has so many thrillingly wonderful places to visit. Every visitor to the Soroca Fortress learns about Moldova’s history in a fascinating and historical way. This location has played a significant historical role. During wars and sieges, armies defended the nation from this position quite well. The unofficial capital of Roma is Soroca.

10. Capriana Monastery

The Caprina Monastery, which houses the greatest convent library, was entirely constructed in the fourteenth century. It was once home to the bishop of Moldova and Chiprian, one of the first poets of Moldova, and is surrounded by lush green trees. Being one of the country’s oldest monasteries, it provides some fascinating insights on the culture of the nation. In the fourteenth century, Alexander the Good founded the monastery.

11. Kvint Factory

The best cognac in Europe is available at the gate to the Kvint factory, where you can buy a bottle if you visit Moldova. Since 1897, the highest quality cognacs have been made in this location.

Additionally, Kvint is revered by the locals as a national icon. The Kvint facility, which yearly produces over ten million litres of cognac, offers daily sampling tours.

12. Tipova Monastery

Tipova Monastery is made up of three main structures that were carved out of the rocks along the banks of the Dniestr River and is situated in a secluded but stunning area of Moldova. The Church of the Feast of the Holy Cross is the oldest complex (11th century). The 14th-century Church of St. Nicholas and Horodiste are the final two (16th century). You can take a pleasant nature walk that ends at a beautiful waterfall if you continue on the trail after the caves. Although there are now less than 20 monks residing there, each cave contains enough monk quarters for up to 700 monks.

13. Thanksgiving Candle

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Moldova is the Thanksgiving Candle. The monument, which is perched on a ledge above the Nistru River, is regarded as a highly exceptional piece of art for another reason.

The monument known as the Thanksgiving Candle is a memorial to all of Moldova’s lost cultural landmarks as well as to the unnamed heroes who contributed to the culture’s preservation.

It is a chapel in the shape of a candle that is 29,5 metres high and situated near Soroca, on a hilltop above the Nistru river bank. You have to climb 600 steps that begin at the Nistru River in order to get there.

Once there, you’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas that you won’t soon forget. If this national landmark is not visited, the trip to Moldova is still unfinished.


Is it expensive to travel to Moldova?

The cheapest country in Europe in terms of travel and food costs is Moldova. Tourists can experience the area while saving a tonne of money by staying in the most affordable hotels available throughout all of Europe.

Is it risk-free to travel to Moldova during Covid?

To guarantee a risk-free journey, you must adhere to all the laws’ essential safety precautions. When leaving the hotel, keep your mask on and keep a social distance. Stay away from crowded areas, and always wash your hands after handling anything.

For what is Moldova best known?

In case you didn’t know, the wine of Moldova is its main export. This explains why there are many vineyards in this nation. The area is renowned for its cathedrals and monasteries, among other places of worship.

How safe is Moldova?

It is safe to travel to Moldova. Tourist issues like pickpocketing and inadequate street lighting exist because it is one of Europe’s poorer nations.


While on vacation in Europe, one can visit Moldova and enjoy the peace and beauty because it hasn’t yet been completely circled by visitors on their maps. Until it does, one can visit and enjoy the country’s calm and beauty. Moldova’s atmosphere is one of solitude. While examining the above Best 13 Places to visit in Moldova, one may refer to it as the quiet after decades of storms because the country has experienced a trip that is worth learning about.

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