10 Best Day Trips From Tallahassee

It is the capital city of the United States Florida state. It is perfectly situated in the north of Florida outdoors, which provides many friendly, cultural and amazing destinations for travelers. Many attractions are enjoyed, including the lovely parks, historical blues club, wildlife, local restaurants, arts and culture, museums, great nightlife, caverns, and the fresh springs.

You will also enjoy plenty of getaways with your family and visit many favorite spots cherished by travelers. You can enjoy these interesting places during the day, and you should opt for a day trip to enjoy the 10 Best Day Trips From Tallahassee and the outdoor activities at their best.

10 Best Day Trips From Tallahassee List:

  1. The Madison Blue Spring State Park
  2. Havana
  3. Mexico Beach
  4. St George Island Florida
  5. Apalachicola National Forest
  6. Florida Caverns State Park
  7. DeFuniak Springs
  8. Seaside
  9. The City Of Panama
  10. Torreya State Park

So without further ado, let’s know about the 10 best day trips from Tallahassee that will provide you enough information to enjoy the location and many great Florida day trips uniquely.

1.The Madison Blue Spring State Park

It is one of the perfect destinations to enjoy the crystal clear water and look for a place to enjoy cool breezes and the resting water. It is located around 68 miles to the east of Tallahassee.

You can enjoy many other activities on your day trip, including the wildlife abundance, picnicking, paddling, and enjoying swimming spots. It is 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep in spring. The spring starts bubbling up, forming a limestone basin on the Western bank of the river Withlacoochee. It has been awarded as the number one swimming hole in the United States of America today. You will find many diving adventures and dive underwater to enjoy the natural scenery that captivates your eyes. It is also internationally known for its very popular cave system among tourists.

It is the favorite family destination, and you can plan your visit to spend the day with the freshwater source and Hike the nature trails. Some of the best activities that travelers enjoy include scuba diving, swimming, tubing, picnicking, boating, fishing, and paddling.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Sparrow’s Grille at Victoria Hills
  • Pepe’s Cantina – DeBary
  • CHICAS Cuban Cafe
  • FishBones-Lake Mary, FL
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Lake Mary


The small town of Gadsden county, Florida, was founded around 1906.Havana became a hub of tobacco production during the earliest Times. It is a nice place where you can enjoy living and is one of the quietest places. Here you will enjoy many art galleries, shops of antique time and many nurseries. It is also one of the unique Florida villages currently stocked with several vintage collections and furniture.

There are many historic buildings, and one of the most amazing and popular activities is exploring and shopping. If you want to peacefully relax, you can also visit the cafes or the quaint Havana restaurants. It is the friendliest small town in Florida and is adjacent to south Georgia, which was ideal for growing tobacco. If you are an art lover looking for many antique shops & art galleries, then it is definitely a great place to enjoy your day trip.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • Oscar’s in Havana
  • Havana Eatery
  • Poppy’s Coffee & More
  • Chuckwagon BBQ
  •  Subway

3.Mexico Beach

If you want to spend your day at the perfect Beach location, then Mexico beach is one of the amazing Florida coasts with a waterfront enjoyed by travelers every year. It is 20 miles east of Panama City. It offers many activities to travelers, including birding, fishing, water sports, hiking, and paddling. There are also many great and luxiourous restaurants where you can enjoy traditional and exotic cuisines because of the temptations and the surroundings. The favorite local food is the shell shack. If you are looking for seafood, then Mexico beach is the perfect destination to give a treat to your mouth.

You will experience something unforgettable once you start enjoying this Beachy destination where you can satisfy your craves with amazing seafood, entertainment, morning coffees, and cocktails. Also, there are many wildlife sighting opportunities for travelers, and it is pretty adventurous to catch a dolphin in the wavy water during the daytime or at sunset.

Sea turtles, sport fish, starfish crabs, and sand dollars are some of the sea critters found here.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Killer Seafood
  • Caribbean Coffee
  • Beach Pizza
  • Mr. G’s Smoke House & Seafood Grill
  • Mexico Beach Sweets & Treats

4.St George Island Florida

You can discover this amazing place with breathtaking beaches and incredible natural beauty. It is one of the most crowded tourist spots and is on the barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a 22-mile barrier Island that offers plenty of things to enjoy, including paralleling fishing, swimming, relaxing, and castle building.

The Sugar white sand beaches is one of the relaxing places to enjoy your day trips and to look after the extraordinary wildlife. If you wish to explore the whole Island, you can have plenty of adventurous options, including Kayaking, bicycling, boating, or renting a scooter to explore the entire Island. There are also many beach cottages and luxurious gulf print homes that are the most amazing things to do on St George Island. It is one of the peaceful places to be enjoyed for a romantic weekend getaway and also for a quiet family vacation. You will also find many boutique shops, jewelry shops, art galleries, and gift shops where you are welcome to see amazing stuff and souvenirs.

Nature lovers can explore gorgeous sites, including the shoreline, the bay forest, dunes, and the salt marches. For those who are looking for hiking, they will get good options and peaceful hiking trials. Several events happen with various live music and server venues on the Island. There are so many things to do to enjoy on Saint George Island, so it is the perfect vacation spot for everyone to relax and stay safe.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • Paddy’s Raw Bar
  • BJ’s Pizza and Subs
  • The Beach Pit

5.Apalachicola National Forest

It is located In the Southwest of Tallahassee and is one of Florida’s largest National Forest. It spans more than half a million acres of land.

It is one of the gorgeous forests that is full of trials. The beautiful lakes can be visible from all sides, and there are many multiple hiking trails, including the silver Lake habitat trail, GF&A.As one of the largest forests in Florida, it accumulates many rivers, natural springs, streams, and ecosystems. The park’s natural beauty in the forest area is incredible to watch. There are many picture-perfect spots, including the silver Lake recreation area, where you can enjoy options such as a picnic, fishing, canoeing, and swimming on the white sandy beach. You can enjoy boating in fishing activities along the Apalachicola river & the Ochlockonee. You can also enjoy swimming in the numerals and going hiking trails. There are many options, including Horseback-Riding, motorcycle riding, mountain bike riding.

If you want to enjoy camping, you have plenty of good and pretty campsites to provide picnic tables, water restrooms, and fire rings. You can enjoy camping during all seasons and boating to access water. The visitors also choose Kayaking and canoeing, and many rentals are available in Tallahassee.

Nearby Restaurants 

  •  Savor
  • Food Glorious Food
  • Mom & Dad’s Italian Restaurant
  • Little Paris

6.Florida Caverns State Park

If you are looking for a unique and memorable place to enjoy your vacation, the caverns state park is one of the top public tour spots.

While observing this park, you will find many large cave passageways to visit the Florida caverns state park. You can explain this wonderful limestone cave system to take you on a journey where you can enjoy the guided tours and go for many options, especially on holidays and weekends.

The visitors must walk through the 350 feet cave entrance and the 35 steps using a handrail. The interesting geology formations, including the flowstones, stalagmites, stalactites, and columns, can best enjoy the tours. These interesting tours will help you enjoy the hiking trails and the cave tour with the best comfort for the visitors. It is a great place to visit during the summertime and appreciate the nature and the features of the caverns. You will also see some dear birds and river trail areas perfect for enjoying and climbing. You will also find a cave tunnel and some shelter caves in the limestone.

One of the fascinating things you can enjoy is seeing the caves and the opportunity to swim in the blue hall.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • Firehouse Subs
  • Mashawy
  • Wharf Casual Seafood
  • Spears’ Cafe’
  • The Oaks

7.DeFuniak Springs

The old Florida-style architecture is a fascinating place to check out and know about the knowledgeable history of America.

It welcomes visitors to explore the history around it and to see the grounds at the Christmas areas, which are lit up with 6 million lights to adorn the Victorian structures. You can also stay here in the resort and hotels and look for many other activities, including picnicking, exercising, history, and birding.

It is a well-preserved historic center located on circle drive, almost surrounding the whole spring-fed lake. You can explore the beautiful historic district as well as the scenic lake. If you ever want to visit the heart of the town, you will get easy access to multiple buildings with interesting and mesmerizing architectural features. You will also get to know about the historic grounds and the charming structures that are on the national register of historic places.

If you want to learn about the part of Florida and America’s history, DeFuniak springs are the perfect place to enjoy and learn about the past. You can also find many grounds to enjoy the bird, plant life and many antique stores.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Bogey’s Bar & Restaurant
  •  Ed’s Restaurant
  • 4C BBQ
  •  H & M Hot Dogs
  • Lily’s Cafe


If you want to enjoy the source of Northwest Florida and the beach community, it is definitely the best-known place to enjoy the seaside location and the coastal surfing. It provides a perfect place to get along in The Town center and enjoy the bike ride along the beach road.

You will find many great seafood restaurants that provide many tasty dishes and cuisines. The leisure magazine also recognized the white Sandy beach as one of the amazing beaches on the earth by travel. One of the family-friendly beaches, you can also enjoy the beautiful town’s Mediterranean village and the pastel-colored buildings. The city is famous for its many alluring shopping centers and movie locations. This place is one of the iconic places to enjoy relaxing and learn about Florida’s lifestyle and culture.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • Scratch Biscuit Kitchen
  • The Meltdown on 30A
  • Raw & Juicy Organic Cafe
  • Wild Bill’s Beach Dogs
  • Barefoot BBQ

9.The City Of Panama

It is one of the special places where you can enjoy exploring many seaside locations and towns. It is situated on the other side of US Highway 98 and is one of the largest cities between Tallahassee and Pensacola. It is one of the most populated cities and has the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Suppose you are dreaming about a vacation to the perfect Beachy destination. In that case, Panama City is the ideal city where you can enjoy the top three beaches in the United States. You will also enjoy many different experiences along the way and delicious food. If you love walking along the beach and searching for wonderful holiday destinations, then Panama offers restaurants to provide you with a gorgeous staying time.

When you visit the beaches of Panama City, you will find endless varieties of shellfish and fish to try and enjoy. It is one of the picture-perfect destinations that is full of places where you can enjoy taking pictures and having real fun. You can enjoy many activities, including water sports, kit boarding, sailing, and paddleboarding. The crystal blue water of the world-class beaches is iconic and the most mesmerizing.

You can enjoy the excursions, offshore fishing, and coastal rides.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • Red Lobster – Panama City
  • TIDES Restaurant & Bar
  • Firefly – Panama City Beach
  • The Grand Marlin of Panama City Beach
  • Pompano Joe’s – Panama City Beach

10.Torreya State Park 

This park is one of the unique and stunning parks of the talhasasse.

The river Apalachicola rubs through this park, and it is one of the best-explored parks because of its natural beauty. You can enjoy many options at this park, including hiking trails, picnicking spots, and the best tourism infrastructure. The Torreya state park offers many activities, including hiking, water hookups, water activities, and campsites. The scenic river and the mesmerizing beauty of the Torreya state park are adventurous.

You can enjoy many options for freshwater fishing, wildlife viewing, and paddling. The Torreya state park provides many amenities to travelers and offers boat camps for lodging and parking.

Nearby Restaurants 

  • 347 Grille by Coach Shula – Tallahassee
  • Food Glorious Food
  • Savour
  • Little Paris


The visitors to its fullest enjoy the amazing sights and the 10 best day trips from Tallahassee. And after reading this blog, you have enough information to access the best trips and the most appropriate locations. These super-engaging destinations offer awesome times to visit with family and the most scenic places to hang out.

So pack your bags and peacefully enjoy the great places with various recreational activities and stuff.

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