10 Amazing Hidden Gems In Hawaii

Hawaii has many popular unique places where you can find gems  to explore. These 10 amazing hidden gems in Hawaii are trendy among tourists who want to travel to places where they can relax and enjoy the time.

It is home to many famous beaches and islands and is perfect for enjoying beautiful sunsets, ecology zones, and many parks. You can either opt for a guided tour or a self-guided one to enjoy and make one of a kind experience that brings people here from all over the world.It is a destination where You can enjoy plenty of activities and many Hidden Gems of Hawaii. It includes excellent hiking trails, cycling, and spelunking, etc.

You can Discover many unique natural surroundings and beautiful oceanfront beaches that make Hawaii a top tourist attraction. The presence of Crystal Clear Water and many beaches are gorgeous to watch and certainly the prettiest. The places offer something extraordinary for travelers looking for peaceful places to enjoy their vacation. You can try to make the most of your Hawaiian vacation by enjoying many pleasant activities in Hawaii. If you ever want to explore the secret Hidden Gems, you should head towards the fantastic sites and enjoy the unusual attractions. Also, many volcanoes, tropical paradises, and natural green forests exist.

10 Amazing Hidden Gems In Hawaii List:

So if you ever want to enjoy a dreamy destination with your family or partner, you must select and add these places to your next trip. Let us now explore and Discover 10 amazing hidden gems in Hawaii that are the best sites to visit for your next trip.

  1. The Makawao forest
  2. Splitting Cave
  3. Mermaid Caves
  4. Kalalau Trail
  5. Glass Beach
  6. Coco Palms Resort
  7. Kaumana Lava Tubes
  8. Papohaku Beach
  9. The Blue Room
  10. Allerton Garden

1. The Makawao forest

It is on the island of Maui and one of the most iconic places to connect with nature’s untouched beauty.

You will find many unique opportunities to connect with the natural mother earth and participate in trials and sea areas. It is approximately 4,000 feet above sea level, and you can reach out through many impressive miles of trails where you can also  definitely love hiking—making it one of the most popular and beautiful hiking areas.

It is about a 10-minute drive away from the Makawao, kahakapao loop trail which brings many gorgeous views of the island as well. You can Hike along the Makawao Forest Reserve to explore many different sheltered Shady pretty trials that consist of crazy uphills, and many people also enjoy biking here. It is around 6.2 miles for the loop up in the air of the forest hike.

Mountain biking, boardwalk trial, and hiking are worth checking activities to bring more memories and enjoy the authenticity of the land. You can consider many sites to spend your time, including the lush green natural Forests, wildlife abundance, and ocean cliffs. While going through your trial, you will also find many species and creatures, including deer, chameleons, blooming Ginger plants, towering Eucalyptus trees, Kupu-Kupu, and many exotic Birds. These rare species are worth watching while hiking To the Regional place while your hiking adventure.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • The Maui Cookie Lady
  • Polli’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Komoda Store and Bakery
  • Sip Me
  • Makawao Garden Cafe

2.Splitting Cave 

Being one of the most impressive and fantastic landmarks in Oahu, it is an incredibly safe site known as the China Wall. It would help if you considered Rushing toward the splitting cave to visit Hawaii’s coolest and most stunning shorelines. You can also enjoy many rainbows due to the water rushing, which then spats out in the cave.

It makes it most amazing and loveliest as well. The views of the ocean, divers, jumping, and lava formations are worth watching and are extremely prettiest and enjoyable. It consists of a unique set of caves that split their waves back into the ocean, and sometimes the force of the water is so strong that it cascades out.

You can also find a makeshift memorial that is the nearby attraction of the place to honor the cliff jumpers who have died at the site. You can enjoy spiteful features, including the wavy cliffs, the Blue Ocean, cliff divers, and the underwater currents. But travelers can enjoy excellent hiking, natural views, the fantastic sound of the crashing waves from the ocean, and a peaceful time during the sunset.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Tajine cave
  • Jungle Cave
  • The Galloping Horse

3.Mermaid Caves

One of the breathtaking sites of Hawaii is the mermaid Caves. It is in Oahu and one of the most iconic places  to enjoy the unique destination and the formation of the Caverns.

The formation of the treacherous caverns is near Nanakuli beach park. You can also enjoy tracking here. The magical cave tunnels are stunning to watch. There are tons of stretches of the Rocks found on the coast of Oahu. It makes the whole place unique, sometimes opening a secret beach that is truly magical. The name mermaid cave is because of the lighting up of the water, which is quite alluring and probably the rarest. It welcomes thousands of visitors annually; the most popular sites include Waikiki and the north shore.

Many visitors usually get the opportunity to visit the west side of the island and also enjoy the mermaid Caves. It is a pretty hidden gem, and the setting of the caverns with many holes of varying sizes is quite different. It merges on the Western shore of the Oahu. It makes the site naturally ambient and the favorite destination among adventurers. It is around 150,000 years old and was on the water, but the ocean waves carved it out.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Dolphins Restaurant
  • Adonis Family Restaurant
  • Africa
  • Taka taka mam
  • Faros Taverna

4.Kalalau Trail

It is one of the blessed iconic trails where you can enjoy plenty of options and get access to the hanakapiai beach.

While following the path to the trail, you will find many rugged Pathways that are very narrow, and many Cliff drops. It also consists of many muddy areas and steep roads. The elevation is around 800+ feet, and you can enjoy the beautiful view with a lot of viewpoints and unprecedented access. It consists of many sea caves, vistas, waterfalls, and valleys. Enjoying the whole trail and exploring the beaches and valleys will take around 3 to 5 days and many visitors enjoy hiking with the bulk of hikers to unveil opportunities.

The Kalalau trail is a sightseeing place in Hawaii and is a dangerous trail. So if you plan to enjoy the world’s most dangerous hike, you will find many offshoots and excellent trails to explore at the Kalalau trail.

When you begin your hiking ride, you will explore the Haena beach park, which is present near Ka’a beach. Here you will get many good options and beach parks located 1.2 miles from the head of the trail. It is a bit challenging, beautiful, and one of the remote trails that leads to the Na pali coast. You can also enjoy camping and explore many local guides and seating areas. The waterfalls and the beaches along the path are pretty to explore and are secluded, which catches your breath.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Porky’s Kauai
  • Ishihara Market
  • Island Taco
  • Kokee Lodge Restaurant
  • Lemongrass Grill Seafood & Bar

5.Glass Beach 

One of the most unique and beautiful coastlines is the glass beach. You will find the unusual glasses in an industrial area of Eleele. Making it another surprising spot for travelers and something very ordinary. You can’t walk around barefooted, and it is not the beach where you can walk, lay down, or enjoy sunbathing.

But what you will explore is fascinating to the eyes, including the rounded pieces of the multi-colored glass. So the buildup of glasses happened due to many years of tossed-away glasses that washed away from the ocean. These left behind shiny pebbles like pieces of glass because of the water flow.

Because of the presence of glass, the glass beach becomes more worth visiting and vibrant. It is near the port of Allen Harbour, an Industrial Area. There are many classes created over the decades, and these are the discarded household trashes found today on glass beach. You will find many glasses and the covering of glasses with sand. If you try to look closer at the beach, you will find many tiny pieces of Brown, green and colorful white glasses. It is one of the Hidden Gems found on the island of Kauai and the most promising.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • KW Saltwater Grill
  • Noyo Harbor Inn, Restaurant and Tavern
  • Albion River Restaurant – Albion River Inn
  • MacCallum House
  • Patrona

6.Coco Palms Resort 

It is also known as the sleeping giant, a small town of Kapaa, and is an award-visiting site for people looking to sit at the bottom of the mountains. The nounou mountain surrounds the Resort, and travelers can enjoy many pretty trees and shopping sites. It was the first Resort to open on the island in 1950.

 This luxurious and amazing Resort was a cold playground for the wealthiest people. In 1992 a devastating hurricane tore the area, And as the local economy came down, The Resort never recovered. The condition of the Resort is completely devastated and left repaired.

The whole coco palms resort’s popularity among visitors is an unending journey. Around 30 years have passed since the heavy damage to the Resort. The Coco palms Resort was also made famous in the Blue Hawaii film. The whole Resort is under different owners to plan and renovate the area. But all the visions and the future settling or plans have never yet to come to fruition.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Nha Hang Hoa Bien
  • Coco Palm Restaurant
  • Mango Bay Restaurant
  • Mai Jo Refined Restaurant
  • The Beauty Bar

7.Kaumana Lava Tubes

The volcanic activity created the Hawaiian Island and the lava. It is west of the Hilo, and you can find many caverns and tunnels along the side of the Kaumana caves state park. These Lava tunnels are accessible for the Travellers to explore and walk onto the private property.

It offers a diverging site to the lava tube. You can also follow the trailhead by walking from the hill to the saddle road in the west. The parking lot is on the western side of the site, and the park is on the northern side. The sites and the lava tube are at the Kaumana caves park, and you can start exploring.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Paul’s Place
  • Two Ladies Kitchen
  • Moon and Turtle
  • Pineapple’s Island Fresh Cuisine
  • Hawaiian Style Cafe

8.Papohaku Beach

The beach is known as the three-mile beach, one of the visitors’ favorite tranquil beaches.

It is the perfect place to go for peaceful time and have great relaxation. It is also one of the biggest white sand areas on the western coast. You can discover the three miles and Sandy beach, around a hundred yards wide. Additionally, You can enjoy many activities, including camping indoors and outdoor showers enjoying the restroom facilities, and going to many picnicking areas. You will also get ample Space to enjoy the shots and the beach during the summer for safety reasons. You can also go for many swimming purposes when the water is calm and the sunset is breathtaking.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • Driftwood Cafe
  • Chapel Porth Beach Cafe
  • The Noisy Lobster

9.The Blue Room

If you ever want to visit where sunlight shines in the cave and brings a beautiful ethereal blue color, you must visit the blue room. It is on the Kauai northern shore, and you will find many opportunities in the seaside area. You can enjoy the magical light that brings peace when the Tides are the highest. It is one of the unusual Islands’ geological formations and is on a wet cave just before the road ends.

The water glows blue in a specific sunlight that enters the cave, bringing mysterious and awe-inspiring wonders to travelers. The striking blue light is fantastic to watch; you can follow the path and signs toward the blue cave. It makes it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions on the way, where you can enjoy plenty of opportunities and see the wet cave that catches your eye.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • No such popular ones

10.Allerton Garden

These are located on the banks of the Lawa’i stream and form a beautiful mountainous view, which is great to see. You will also find the magisterial Allerton botanical garden, a gorgeous viewing area.

The garden consists of exotic plants, sculptures, and native palm trees, forming a beautiful look to feel and watch. So many famous Hollywood classics have also been a part of the fantastic site, like pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic park.

Best Nearby Restaurants

  • The Tannin Level
  • The Lime Tree Inn
  • Victoria Restaurant Cattal
  • The Tiger Inn
  • The Half Moon Free House Pub
  • Mother Shipton Inn


These are the friendlier and the perfect locations, which are unique and the most visited. You can enjoy the magical beauty and the lush green forests, which is a win-win. These 10 Amazing Hidden Gems In Hawaii are a stunning collection of places blessed with calm water and pure white sands.

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